Alumni Europae Newsletter Nr.2

Alumni Europae has launched a newsletter last December in order to keep everybody up to date and informed about the Alumni Europae and its development.

When students leave the European Schools after graduation, they may exit the doors of the school but they enter a whole new world where they can apply what they learned and use the friendships and contacts that they made at school, at university and in the professional world. The Alumni Europae offers the platform to continue the family of the European School wherever alumni are!

Here is the Newsletter Nr.2: 

Alumni Europae newsletter

Alumni Europae has launched a newsletter in order to keep everybody up to date and informed about the Alumni Europae and its development.

When students leave the European Schools after graduation, they may exit the doors of the school but they enter a whole new world where they can apply what they learned and use the friendships and contacts that they made at school, at university and in the professional world. The Alumni Europae offers the platform to continue the family of the European School wherever alumni are!

The Newsletter is here:

Other 2017/2018





TES will start with robotics lessons from February 6th! Robotics is a branched of science and engineering includes work with robots, construction, design etc. Edison Robot V2.0 will be used in the lessons.

About the teacher: Hi, I’m Vahur. I am a member of Estonian startup community. I am freelancer technology journalist and video producer. I earned my Master Degree in Liberal Arts, my passion is technology and I am following what’s happening in the technology world all the time.

Two years ago, I met in the Slush the founder of Angry Birds, Peter Vesterbacka. I interviewed him and his story inspired me and I am now helping him with several EdTech projects in Finland and Estonia. Last year I helped to organize the biggest robotics event in Europe, Robotex and after that, I decided that I want to start my teaching career as a Robotics teacher. My goal is to bring TES Robotics team to Robotex competition in 2018.

See you at the course!

  • Teacher: Mr Vahur Orrin
  • Time: Girls – Tuesdays 15:15-16:45; Boys – Wednesday 15:15-16:45
  • Group: Primary 1-5
  • Room: 317
  • Max pupils: 10
  • Price: 28,75€/ month
  • Contact:

Groups are full!


Chess is a game which is played by millions of people worldwide. Playing chess teaches planning and foresight, improves memory and creativity and gives a great opportunity to spend fun time with friends. The best part about chess is that when you have once learned the rules you can play it with everyone and everywhere and it will never get boring. After school chess lesson is meant for all Primary school students – for those who don’t know the rules yet and for those who have already played before.

About the teachers: We are sisters Margareth and Grete. Our parents taught us the rules and we started playing chess when we were five to six years old. In the past few years, we have also helped to organise different competitions, been arbiters and taught others. We still like chess because you can never master it and you learn something new in every training.

  • Teacher: Ms Margareth Olde and Ms Grete Olde
  • Time: Fridays 15:30-17:00
  • Group: Primary 1-5
  • Room: 311
  • Price: 23€/ month
  • Max pupils: 12
  • Contact:

The group is full!

After School Art

After School Art is a fun chance for budding creative minds to come and practice their art skills as we explore different artistic media and techniques while also learning about some of the worlds most well-known artists.

  • Teacher: Mr Ian Karell
  • Time: Mondays 15:30-16:30
  • Group: Primary 1-5
  • Price:
    • 23€/ month – Primary
    • Extra fee of 20€ is required at the beginning of the course to cover the cost of materials.
  • Contact:


Ceramic classes are the ideal environment for children to explore their creativity while problem-solving. The 3D nature of clay will allow them to focus on structure, shapes and forms and adapt to change along the way. Children will be encouraged to explore the wonders of clay and will experiment with a variety of building techniques.

My name is Heidi Sibul, I love the creativity and the endless possibilities what working with clay offers. Have been discovering the world of ceramics around 10 years. I have a degree from Tallinn University, I graduated from the field of Natural Sciences – speciality Teacher of Science. Last year I graduated from Olustvere School of Service and Rural Economics – Ceramics speciality. I’m a mother of four kids.

  • Teacher: Ms Heidi Sibul
  • Time:
    Thursday 16:15-17:00 (Nursery)
    Thursday 15:30-16:15 (Primary)
  • Price: 34,5 € / month
  • Contact:

Video & Cinema

Short film represents a form of storytelling that can deliver a message, as any other form of communication. It is also, a form of art that borrows elements from disciplines including acting, human resource management, creative writing, visual arts, animation, covering the different stages of movie making from casting, directing, filming (photography), producing, editing and delivering the final product.
The participants in “Video and Cinema” are invited to explore different stages of filmmaking presented in an easy way, adapted to young students. In the end they will have the chance to produce a 3’ Sort film or animation applying the knowledge and the skills that they gained in classroom.

The short film club is led by Hanna Geara, holder of a Masters degree in Social communication and art.

  • Teacher: Mr Hanna Geara
  • Group: Secondary (optional for Primary)
  • Time: Friday 15:50-16:50
  • Price: 23 € / month
  • Contact:

Circus Jam

Circus opens up the world of sports to a whole new group of students looking for fun, inclusive, physical activity. The skills learned help us develop patience and persistence. It stimulates imagination and higher order problem solving, by allowing you to explore all the ‘trick’ possibilities of each individual prop. Everything else is just practice.

Circus skills improve ambidexterity, hand-eye co-ordination, depth perception, peripheral vision, neuromuscular balance, quickness under pressure, focus and concentration.

It also improves self-esteem, self-confidence and creates a sense of achievement.

Basic skills can be learned very quickly and most people will find that they can do something that they previously thought ‘impossible’. Once the ‘impossible’ has been achieved, they then have a different outlook on life where suddenly things are much more achievable and within reach.

As circus skills are so wide and varied, just like people, you are bound to find one particular discipline that you enjoy more than others and will want to learn more about.

We’ll introduce skills such as juggling, diabolo, devil stick, plate spinning, object passing and basic acrobatics. The students will be encouraged to get a base level in all skills, with ample opportunity to pursue their favourite.

Circus Jam is a great way for students to keep active, make friends and to challenge their own boundaries.

Teacher, Dan, is an Australian circus and theatre trained performer and teacher. He’s been living in Estonia for the last 7 years and he :

  • performs as Dan le Man (more than 1000 shows in more than 30 countries worldwide)
  • manages Open Tsirkus Stage (which runs workshops, shows, festivals and events in the Baltics)
  • directs TaDaa! Festival (which is the Baltics largest street performance festival)
  • and he also teaches at Tallinn University Summer/Winter School, Eesti Kunstiakadeemia and has run courses in the private sector. (He was also running the circus workshop at the Family Picnic Day on 30th August this year)
  • Teacher: Dan le Man
  • Time: Monday 16:30-17:30 (P2-P3)
    Tuesday 16:00-17:00 (P4-S2)
  • Price: 25€ /month
  • Contact:

Design for Change

In the Design for Change club we learn how to apply design thinking to generate ideas and find creative solutions to issues that we care about here and today – in our school, on the street, in our community, in the city we live in. We feel, observe, discover, interpret and imagine, play and prototype, make and improve, and share our ideas. Learning by creating combined with real life challenges helps us grow more aware of our surroundings, develop empathy towards others, actively express our opinion and feel powerful enough to bring about the change we envision.

Design for Change activities will be facilitated by Vera Naydenova who graduated in Social Design: Arts as Urban Innovation from the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

  • Groups and time:
    • Primary: Wednesdays 16:00-17:00
  • Price: 20€/month
    10€ one-time fee for materials
  • Contact:


Sport 2017/2018



It is football, only faster and with more emphasis on developing individual technique and skill. The heavier ball helps kids learn to master control of the ball. It’s fun, it’s healthy and it’s on Mondays. Come along!

Please note that the activity is twice a week for P1-2, and once for P3. The main day is Monday!

  • Time: Monday 15:30-16:30 in the school gym (Primary 1-3)
    Thursday 15:00-16:00 in the school gym (Primary 1-2)
  • Price: 25€/ month (participating once a week),
    50€/ month (participating twice a week)
  • Equipment: Indoor football boots/trainers and shin guards/pads, size 2 futsal
  • Contact: Christos Patsias –


Feel free and take a challenge! Learn to move your body, dance using great steps of this fascinating dance style. Listen to great music! High-intensity classes with a lot of improvisation and great emotional merit! This is your chance to learn something different and exciting with coach Artur, who teaches great steps and makes everyone in the class feel and love music and dance to it. 


Tallinn European School and Gymnastics Club Pärl invite all girls aged 4-12 to take part in rhythmic gymnastics lessons at Tallinn European School! Gymnastics lessons give girls a very good posture, it develops their physical strength, flexibility, power, agility, coordination, grace, balance and control. Step by step children learn different acrobatics and also tricks using different apparatus. Girls will learn a gymnastics routine and they will present it at different performances.

  • Trainers: Ms Katarina Pintson, Ms Hanna Pintson
  • Small Roses: Nursery & P1
    • Wednesday at 16:00-16.45
  • Daisies:– P2-P4
    • Wednesday at 14:45-15:45 and Thursday at 15:30-16:30.
  • Price: 42€/ 25€ month


BootCamp is a military-style workout in a form of either a circuit training or a group workout. As the intensity of the workout is determined by the individuals will to push oneself it’s suitable for almost everyone.

The main goal of the BootCamp workout is to train both mind and body through a variety of rigorous exercises, developing functional and mental endurance and strength as well as mobility. Since the intensity is quite high it is also a great workout for losing body weight.

Equipment: Mostly own body weight and equipment provided by the school.

About the coach:
Ott has a B.A. degree in Physical Education from Tallinn University and has worked as a trainer for 9 years as a martial arts instructor and gym coach for all ages. From 2012 to 2016 he worked as a Physical Training NCO in Estonian Defense Forces professional Scoutsbattalion where he was responsible for training professional soldiers. Since 2016 he has worked as a personal trainer and BootCamp coach and is still active in voluntary Estonian Defense League.

  • Trainer: Mr Ott Mänd
  • Group: S4-S7 (accepts also younger pupils, P1-S3, if the child is physically ready)
  • Time: Friday 16:00-17:00 in the gym.
  • Cost: 34,5€/ month.
  • Contact:


Dance Club KOIT invites boys and girls to join classes of dance technique and acrobatics. We will give basic technique of modern and jazz dance and strengthen bodies through power exercises of acrobatics to use elements in the routines. Our trainings equal fun and results, which we can show in performances. For additional information please check our

  • Time: Fridays 15:00-16:00 boys and girls from P1-2
  • Price: 27,6€ / month


I, Rebekah, ran the club ‘Movers and Shakers’ in the last school year and I have decided to focus mainly on the dancing for this year with added game in the club named ‘Zumbinos’.
Zumbinos is a club which features age-appropriate music and moves that get kids moving to the beat. It’s all about feeling fearless on the dance floor, reinforcing the idea that it’s okay to just be yourself and dance like no one’s watching!

I will run the club until 26th October and then continue after the October holiday if possible.

  • Teacher: Ms Rebekah Wisbey
  • Time: Thursdays 15:15-15:45
  • Group: Nursery 2 and Nursery Combined and P1-2
  • Price: 17,5€ / month
  • Contact:


For more information, please contact





Singing Club

In the singing club, children learn more about their voice. We talk how to keep your voice in healthy condition. We sing and develop the voice using creative exercises and singing different songs. Singing makes you happy!

  • Group: Secondary / Primary 3-5
  • Time: Wednesday 14:20-15:00 (Secondary), Monday 15:20-16:00 (Primary 3-5);
  • Price: 28,80 € / month
  • Contact: Ms Ivi Rausi –

Flute, Recorder, Piano (Mizuki Shindo)

Individual lessons

  • Time: will be agreed with pupils
  • Duration and prices: 30 minutes 17€, 45 min 23€
  • Contact:


Piano (Saale Fischer)

Individual lessons

  • Time: will be agreed with pupils
  • Duration and prices: 30 minutes 17€, 45 min 23€
  • Contact:

Violin and viola lessons(Talvi Nurgamaa)

Violin has been one of the most important instruments in classical music. In the hands of a good player, it can amaze audience by executing rapid and difficult sequences or impress with beautiful sound. With Individual lessons children can learn how to play violin and master classical violin basics. Folk music and favourite tunes can also be integrated into the learning process besides standard classical repertory.

Children aged 12 and above who have learned violin already, have the possibility to learn viola.

Individual lessons

  • Time: will be agreed with pupils
  • Duration and prices: 30 minutes 17€, 45 min 23€
  • Contact:

Talvi Nurgamaa graduated in Estonia as a string teacher, has studied viola in the University of Music and Performing arts Vienna. Talvi is currently teaching at Old Town College Music school and possesses good experience in teaching children. She has participated in many international masterclasses and has an open mind to learn and practice new things.


Upcoming events

Family Playground Picnic, 30th August 15:00-17:00

All TES parents and pupils are invited to Family Playground Picnic on Wednesday, August 30 at 15:00-17:00. The picnic will be on the school playground. This is the last year we are spending in this building, and all the playground is for us to use at that time. In the event of rain, the picnic will take place in our Gym. Please bring your favourite dish; drinks (water and juice) will be provided by the school.

Informative meeting to new parents, 31th August 9:15-10:00

On August 31, all the new parents are welcomed to a meeting to receive information about the school work. The meeting will take place at 9:15-10:00 at Assembly Hall on the 4th floor.

Orientation Day, 31st August

The first school day is on August 31 with class teachers and subject teachers. All the pupils including Nursery are expected to be at school at 9:00, and leave 13:30. Nursery children go straight to their classes on the 2nd floor. Don’t forget inside shoes!

There is an opportunity to eat lunch.

Sports Day, 1st September

We will start the school year with Sports Day on 1st of September in Snelli Stadium at 10:00-13:00. We expect the parents to provide transport for their children there and back. Also, please pack lunch boxes for your children.

Nursery does not participate in Sports Day and come to school at 9:00. Parents can pick Nursery children up between 12:30-15:00. Breakfast and lunch are provided.

More information will be followed.

Class Parents Meetings

Parents meetings with the class teachers will take place by September 11. More information will follow from the class teachers.

Walkathon charity run & walk

TES and ISE (International School of Estonia) are hosting a charity event Walkathon on Saturday, May 27. Come and join in for a healthy exercise and do an act of kindness! The money raised will be donated to the Tallinn Children’s Hospital who will put it to good use in helping children with cancer.

Date: Saturday, May 27th
Time: 10:00 walk & run
Place: Kalev Stadium (Staadioni Street 8)

Please find the Donation Form attached.