‘it was evident that the daily school life is running very smoothly and the willing and well-motivated staff do their very best to offer high quality teaching’

Audit Report – Office of the Secretary-General, European Schools, 29 September 2016

TES follows the Early Education Curriculum of the European Schools:

Early Education Curriculum
In nursery, the main emphasis is on developing the abilities of a child through use of imagination and instructed learning. The essential educational method is learning by playing. It is very important to retain the joy and enthusiasm for learning and face new learning challenges with courage and creativity.



We have an English Section only which consists of three groups at the Nursery level:

Nursery 1

  • Pupils are accepted to Nursery 1 if they are four years old or turn four before the end of December.

Nursery 2

  • Pupils are accepted to Nursery 2 if they are five years old or turn five before the end of December.

Nursery Combined

  • This is a mixed-aged group where pupils of both Nursery 1 and Nursery 2 age are accepted.

Pupils learn English as their first language with the exception of a few French-native speaking pupils in Nursery Combined who have French language lessons.

Subject Lessons

Pupils in the Nursery section have some lessons with subject teachers:

  • English L1/L2 – 3 lessons per week
  • Motor Skills – 1 lesson per week
  • Music – 1 lesson per week

Nursery 2 age students start learning Estonian as an additional language and have Estonian lessons once per week.

Daily Schedule 

08:00 08:30


08:30 09:30

Morning Circle and Classroom Time

09:30 10:00

Morning Snack

10:00 11:00

Outside Play

11:00 12:30

Subject Lessons and Classroom Time

12:30 13:00


13:00 15:30

Quiet Rest Time / Classroom Time

15:30 16:00

Afternoon Snack

16:00 18:00

Optional: aftercare and extra-curricular activities

Aftercare and extra-curricular activities

We offer aftercare service for the younger pupils. Nursery children have the possibility to stay in the aftercare class from 16:00 to 18:00. During the afternoons, pupils can also participate in extra-curricular activities.

Click here for more information about the aftercare.

Click here for more information about the extra-curricular activities.

Educational Visits and Special Events 2016-2017

First Term

Children will adapt to their new classes and environment and get to know the school area both inside and outside. On the first term we won’t have any field trips.

Second Term

All Nursery pupils will visit the Health Care museum in October. We will celebrate the holiday season by baking together, and we will invite parents to join us for our traditional Breakfast with Parents, where we will decorate gingerbread cookies and have a wonderful time together. We will end our term with the Annual Christmas Concert.

Third Term

Pupils from Nursery 1 and Nursery Combined will visit the Traffic Center.
Nursery 2 will visit a museum.

Fourth Term

All Nursery pupils will visit a theatre and see a play recommended for their age.

Fifth Term

All Nursery students will visit the Kuristu farm outside the city. We will have our Annual Spring concert. We will also visit the Zoo to learn more about different animals and have a picnic.

Educational Visits and Special Events 2015-2016


Nursery 1 Class teacher: Kerstin Must
Assistant: Vanessa Bauke
Nursery 2
Class teacher: Heili Veetamm 
Assistant: Kelli Prits
Nursery combined
Class teacher: Kirsti Lepp
Assistant: Ingunn Turner
Aftercare Anna Irjas
Renee Thomas