Erasmus+ Heroes in youth literature in Europe, from Hercules to Harry Potter

The five partners of this project are the European Schools of Strasbourg, Parma, Helsinki, Heraklion, and Tallinn. These fairly new schools, which go from pre-school to high school, are public schools connected administratively to the education ministry in their respective countries but with a pedagogical program common to all the European Schools.

The objectives of this project are

• To reinforce the European identity in students by steering them towards a discovery of a collective memory and common character in the cultures of European countries
• To promote and benefit from the richness of the multilingual educational collaboration among primary and secondary students and among teachers in the European School network
• To encourage teachers and students to regularly take advantage of and use the ITC, starting in primary school
• To teach students to communicate and work efficiently in a multilingual, multinational, and multicultural environment in order to prepare them for a wider range of options professionally or for post-baccalaureate training

To achieve these objectives, the five schools have chosen as their theme

“Heroes in youth literature in Europe, from Hercules to Harry Potter”


Three main project outputs will form the structure of all reading, writing, translation, oral presentation, and onstage activities:
• Creation of a database and a timeline, in the form of a slide show, in which the major characters of European youth literature will appear, according to the period in which their adventures occur
• Invention of a modern European tale in five chapters, in multiple versions and multiple languages, all following a common thread
• Presentation of a multilingual European show on the art of storytelling in Europe, staging in various forms the tales and other European stories as well as original compositions inspired by the heroes of European youth literature

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The preliminary meeting for the project took place in November 2013 in Parma.

Coordinators from Heraklion, Parma, Strasbourg, Helsinki and Tallinn spent 3 days setting and sorting plans for the upcoming project.

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All schools participating in the project created videos of their schools to introduce themselves to the partners of the project.

Tallinn European School introduction video

The first project meeting with kids took place in Helsinki in February 2014.

Second meeting in Tallinn May-June 2014

Third meeting in Heraklion

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Fourth meeting in Parma

As part of the Erasmus+ exchange project, 8 students and 2 teachers went to visit the European School in Parma, to collaborate on the ‘From Hercules to Harry Potter’ hero project. The week was jam-packed full of exciting outings and cultural visits, including a visit to a Parmegiano Reggiano (Parmesan) factory, a medieval writing workshop in a Monastery, a scavenger hunt around the city of Parma, and much more.

Five different European schools participated in what was a truly ‘European’ trip: dinners were lively with chatter and mingling, friendships were forged and appreciation for culture was fostered. Delegations from Heraklion, Strasbourg, Helsinki and Parma were represented. We also visited the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and listened to the work they do in order to keep Europe safely fed.


In all, the trip was a great success. We were blessed with fresh weather, delicious food, good vibes, and most importantly of all – memorable experiences. We are sure that the participants from P5 – S5 took away some cherished memories that will last them until their next trip abroad!

Fifth meeting in Strasbourg May 2016

On Sunday the 8th of May at 5.00am ten excited, slightly sleepy students and three teachers checked in and headed of to Strasbourg for the last of the Erasmus plus trips that spanned over two years.

The week went extremely quickly and a snippet and highlights from the students are…

  • Sillerin’s highlights were, ‘the hotel and meeting so many new people’.
  • Jessica’s favourite activity was visiting the European Parliament.
  • Sean’s new best friends are Marik, Simon from Helsinki and Maximillian from Parma
  • Cameron fondest memory was the rally throughout the old town of Strasbourg
  • Sasha’s things was the city of Strasbourg and making new friends!
  • Eliza’s highlight was the play with the fantastic French director!
  • Oliver’s was meeting many friends from different cities such as Emma from Parma.
  • Giulia liked the opening ceremony and having to sing songs with everyone!
  • Marco’s highlight was discovering a new and exciting city
  • Margaret favourite was the Friday party because everyone knew each other and everyone had a great time ‘One week was not enough’!

The Erasmus trip to Strasbourg was a resounding success with the students getting the opportunity to try many new things, meet new people, eating a lot of food before been returned with a smile to their eagerly awaiting parents on Saturday afternoon.strasbourg 2016 2

“The Journal that Changed Everything”

A book inspired by the heroes of European youth literature called “The Journal that Changed Everything” was published as a result of the program. Click here to read the book. Estonian version is available here.


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