Tallinn 21. School’s pupils visited TES to perform a great concert

This Thursday we had the pleasure to welcome a 4th Grade lass from Tallinn 21. School (Tallinna 21. Kool), with their class and music teacher Liivi Urbel.

They have performed a few traditional Estonian songs connected with Mardipäev (St. Martin’s Day) in front of our pupils from P1 to S2. The songs were "Kui mina hakkan laulemaie", "Mardilaul", "Sügis", "Kingarock" and "Meremeeste laul".

A big thank you to the children for having shared with us this performance, and to Gerry for inviting them and making this concert possible. 


Nordplus Junior: colleagues from Helsinki and Copenhagen visited us all week long

This week teachers and school administrators from the European School of Helsinki and European School Copenhagen were present at TES. It was the first visit as part of our shared Norplus Junior Project to improve the quality of teaching and learning in Primary level. The teachers already shared a lot of experiences and best practices, through job shadowing in the classrooms, and numerous meetings and workshops all week long. On Wednesday afternoon there was also a training about “Project Based Learning”, provided by Iiris Oosalu, Deputy Director of Avatud Kool.

The teachers involved in the project are Triinu, Hilppa, Allison and Jill, together with Sigrid.

The next meeting will take place next March in Copenhagen. At this occasion, two Primary teachers and three pupils from our school will participate and visit the European School Copenhagen.


Get ready for TES Carnival, next Friday!

Please be reminded that TES Carnival will take place next Friday, November 16, at 17:00-20:00. The entrance fee is 2 € per person or 5 € per family. Cash only!

On Thursday, November 15, at 16:00, there will also be a pumpkin carving workshop. If your pupils and you would like to carve your pumpkin, please inform Kaidi by Tuesday evening. Pumpkins will be provided by the Parents’ Council. The room will be announced on Wednesday depending on how many people will participate.


A dentist at school the next two Fridays

On 16th and 13th November, dentist’s assistant Inna Vulnevtsist (from the dental practice Anu Paju Hambaravi OÜ) will come to school to perform prophylactic dental examinations on our pupils. Please be aware that pupils will have to leave the class for this occasion. An information has been sent to the parents and they will let the class teachers know if they don’t want their child’s teeth to be examined.

Please check if the following timetable is suitable for your classes and lessons. If not, please inform Kaidi.


Some news from the KiVa Antibullying Programme

Last Monday, both Primary and Secondary students had assemblies where KiVa (antibullying) topics were introduced.

Secondary students got an overview of the programme and how it is implemented in our school. Each class will now receive a follow-up KiVa lesson with Tuula to discuss these topics in more detail.
The KiVa targeted grades (P1-S1) discussed the theme of the month - „Including Everyone“ during their assembly. Please feel free to reinforce the theme in your lessons by encouraging the students to work together and include everyone.

During the month of November, all students in grades P1 to S1 are making posters on KiVa topics such as Friendship, Respect, Being Kind, Helping Others, Including Everyone, etc. Posters will be made in groups and EVERYONE will be included. We’ll be able to enjoy the results from 3rd December on the walls of the school building.

With greetings,

Your dedicated KiVa team


HR Information


Monday 12.11

• Ingunn

• Rachel

Tuesday 13.11

• Ingunn

• Rachel

Wednesday 14.11

• Ingunn

• Rachel

Thursday 15.11

• Auli

• Rachel

• Kristin

Friday 16.11

• Rachel

• Dagny




If you have substituted a colleague's lesson, please fill it in: https://goo.gl/VHzh5G

Deadline: Tuesday, December 1st


Other information

• Updated Wednesday Meetings Calendar: you can download the updated version of the calendar shared by Riccardo from HERE. All teachers are involved every week in meetings between 14:30 and 15:30. On top of that, class teachers, coordinators and teachers’ reps will occasionally have supplementary meetings, always on Wednesdays.

• Use of mobile phones: mobile phones can be used for emergencies during the school schedule in the administration area or in the front office (room 135). They can also be used at the end of the school day in the school lobby. The lockers area, any corridor and the playground are not authorised areas for the use of mobile phones. Riccardo will explain this decision to all Secondary pupils this Monday, after the Latvian Assembly.

• School Board Meeting: last Thursday, 8th November, there was a School Board Meeting. The agenda was the following: Budget, Audit Preparation, Admission Policy, Development Plan, New European School Foundation (Katre Mehine from the Ministry of Education was present to update the Board members on this matter, more information will come soon).


Upcoming events

• Monday, 12 November, at 8:15 (P5 and Secondary) and 9:05 (Nursery and P1-4): Latvian Assembly

• Thursday, 15 November, at 16:00: Pumpkin carving workshop

• Friday, 16 November, at 17:00-20:00: TES Carnival

• Monday, 19 November, at 18:00: Parents’ get-together evening for all the “small” L1 languages, in the Assembly hall

• Wednesday, 21 November, at 14:30: General Staff Meeting

• Monday, 26 – Friday, 30 November: Visit of the inspectors of the audit committee for the renewal of the school’s accreditation as Accredited European School.

• Monday, 3 December, at 8:15 and 9:00: Finnish Assembly