Greetings from Miss Auli

Dear pupils, teachers and parents,

There is excitement and change in the air!

Tallinn European School starts its journey in the completely renovated school building. Our new home has a remarkable history as an educational centre and now we will pass on the dignity of the old house and soul by adding our youthful and daring activities.
The smooth integration of the old and new parts of the building is also symbolic of the Tallinn European School’s actions as the European Schools’ network has been operating since 1953, but TES only honors its 6th year of operation.

Having a good learning environment is important, but the school is much more than a building. People make the school; thus, we must never forget our main purpose: to educate children, guide them through everyday lessons and activities with the hope that they are ready for the life after leaving TES. 

We shall act according to TES mission: to provide a broad, balanced, creative, multilingual and multicultural education in a highly motivating learning environment to prepare the future citizens of an ever-changing world.

We shall always keep in mind TES vision: to be the heart of international education in Estonia and the home of innovative learning in the Nordic-Baltic region.

Tallinn European School has grown rapidly during the summer: there are now over 300 pupils and 80 staff members. We all are part of TES community and make great things happen!

I am honoured to announce some new initiatives beginning from this September.

• Firstly, the French language section starts in Nursery and Primary 1 and Primary 2 classes. It is the last step following the European School’s principles as EB schools shall have at least two language sections.

• The antibullying programme KiVa is now implemented in all Primary classes.

• Precare is offered to Nursery and Primary 1 & 2 children, daily from 8:00-9:00.

• Lastly,  Baltic Restaurants is our new partner providing all meals to the pupils and the staff.

On the doorstep of the new school year, I would like everyone to reflect on Leonardo da Vinci’s saying from the 15th century:

„I have been impressed with the urgency of doing.
Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Being willing is not enough; we must do.” 

These words truly characterize TES this years’ actions.

I wish everyone a great start for the new school year and I am confident that TES’ new home will give us a highly motivating learning environment to achieve the results we endeavour.


Auli Udde, TES Director


Greetings from Parents' Council

Parents' Council welcomes you to the 2018-2019 school year!

As everybody is excited to start the new year in the impressive school building, we are looking for active volunteers to take up the role of class representative on the Parents' Council for the upcoming year. We would like to invite you to learn and explore opportunities to actively build a stronger and more vibrant community that would enhance educational experience for our children. Every class will elect a parent representative during the class meeting at the start of the year. The first meeting of the Parents' Council is scheduled on the 20th of September at 17:00. Thereafter, regular meetings will take place once per school term and will be scheduled in advance for the rest of the year. Let’s continue to play our significant role in bringing the TES community together!

Looking forward to seeing you all in September.


TES Back-to-School Week 2018/2019

We will have many activities to inaugurate and discover the new building, to get together and integrate our new children and parents in our community, and to be ready to start the lessons on Friday, 7th September. Here is the detailed programme for this first week of the school year 2018/2019.

Official Inauguration of the Building; TES Family Picnic, Activity Fair

From 14:00-16:00, join us for the traditional TES Family Picnic. The afternoon will begin with the Official Inauguration of Tehnika 18, in presence of Mailis Reps, Estonian Minister of Education and Research.

Tours in the building will be offered and all the Extracurricular activities will be introduced during the Activity Fair.

Gates will be open from 13:30.

You are very welcome to bring some food and soft drinks for the Picnic.

TES Sports Day

From 10:00-13:00 at Snelli Stadium (Toompuiestee 24, 10149 Tallinn), the pupils in Primay and Secondary will take part in the TES Autumn Sports Day.

After the sport activities, the children will get the possibility to have their first meal in the new canteen.

• The children can be picked up at 13:00 at Snelli Stadium or after lunch at school.

• Please wear sportive clothing and suitable shoes for running and jumping. There is no changing possibility at the stadium, but children can change clothes before having lunch in the school.

• Activities will take place regardless the weather conditions.

• We expect the parents to bring their children directly to the stadium. There are a few parking spots next to the stadium, but the venue is also easily accessible by train (Balti Jaam is less than a kilometer away), and a bus stop "Hotel Tallinn" is nearby.

• The lunch is provided at school after the Sports Day. Please make sure you register your child to the canteen before the event.

• Also, please prepare some snacks and water for your child as the morning will be long and active.

• Parents are more than welcome to join and take part!

Nursery children do not participate in Sports Day. They will go to school for a “Get to Know Our Nursery” day. Children will meet their teachers, classmates, other Nursery groups and the playground. The day will start at 9:30 and finish at 13:00. Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

TES Orientation Day

• From 8:15-15:00, all the classes will have their Orientation day.

• At 8:30, Meeting with all the new parents in the Assembly Hall

• At 15:15, Meeting with Primary pupils' parents. It will start in the school’s Assembly Hall, and will then continue in the classes.

• At 17:00, General Meeting with Secondary pupils' Parents in the Assembly Hall.

Aftercare service will be provided for all Primary pupils, free of charge, until 18:00.

Lessons start!

• From 8:15 for P3-S7

• From 9:00 for Nursery, Primary 1 & 2 (the Precare is open from 8:00)



Starting from this school year, Baltic Restaurants Estonia AS is the new provider for catering services at TES.

Baltic Restaurants Estonia AS is the largest catering company in Estonia. It provides catering at 116 locations across the country: schools and kindergartens, universities, office buildings, staff canteens. Catering for schools is offered under the Daily trademark.

For every school day, the canteen will provide: 

• Breakfast – 1,50 euros

• Lunch – 2,95 euros

• Afternoon snack – 2,00 euros

• Nursery catering – 3,60 euros

Breakfast and lunch will be served at a self-service counter.

For lunch, a main course will be proposed four days per week. One day per week, soup and dessert will be offered.

On main course days, the hot options include three different hot side dishes. Cold options include at least three different salads, consisting of fresh ingredients. There are also cold beverages appropriate for the menu. Raw salads are available on soup days. One vegetarian option is available every day. Desserts are made on the spot. 

Catering for nursery children, as well as school lunches, breakfasts and afternoon snacks for primary and secondary level, are provided in the school canteen only on the basis of a parent’s application. The application also forms the basis for invoicing. You can find the application forms on the school's website

The canteen is open from 8:00 to 16:30 each school day.

• Breakfast: 8:00-10:50

• Lunch: 11:45-13:05

• Afternoon snack: 15:05-15:30

For additional information (menus, application forms…), please visit our website.

You can also contact Regina Henk, our Daily canteen manager:

Phone: +372 5787 7805


Precare and aftercare

Aftercare will start from September 6th, free of charge on that particular day. 7th September is the first day of charged Aftercare.

Aftercare for Nursery:

Time: 16:00 – 18:00
Monthly Fee: 75€
Activities: group activities (i.e. board games, seasonal arts and crafts) and individual playtime either outside or in Nursery Assembly Hall.
Teacher: Ivika Toldova Costa

Precare for Primary 1-2:

Time: 08:00-09:00
Room: 1
Monthly Fee: free of charge
Teachers: Jennifer Lyall and Magda Chatzianastasiou

Afternoon Club for Primary 1-2:

Time: 15:05 – 16:00, Wednesdays 14:30 - 16:00
Room: 1
Monthly Fee: free of charge.
Teachers: Jennifer Lyall and Magda Chatzianastasiou

Aftercare for Primary 1-2:

Time: 16:00 – 18:00
Room: 1
Monthly Fee: 75€
Activities: During aftercare hours children can engage in various outdoor or indoor activities which include free play time, outdoor sports activities, socializing with friends, reading, arts and crafts etc.
Teachers: Tiiu Delev and Kaire Maali Lõhmus

Aftercare for Primary 3-4:

Time: 15:05 - 18:00, Wednesdays 14:10 - 18:00
Room: 137
Monthly Fee: 100€ (Aftercare used more than an hour per day) / 40€ (Aftercare used up to an hour per day)
Activities: During aftercare hours children can engage in various outdoor or indoor activities which include free play time, outdoor sports activities, socializing with friends, reading, arts and crafts etc.
Teacher: Kristina Haavamägi

• One day fee for Aftercare, up to five times a month: 4€

• Penalty for picking a child up late from the Afternoon Club or the Aftercare: 10€

The registrations will open on September 1st. The online registration form will be open on our website. 


Extracurricular activities

All the extracurricular activities will start during the second week of September, from September 10. Please note that only the first lesson is a trial lesson and it is free of charge.

We are going to continue with Art, Futsal, Design for Change, Zumbinos, Video & Cinema, Singing Club, Ceramics, Gymnastics, Chess, Dancing, Circus, Robotics, Violin and Piano.

In addition, there are plenty of new activities: Club Théâtre (in French), Sewing, Nursery Music, Freestyle dancing, Story Making, Web Design and Coding Club, Capoeira, Publishing 101, Guitar.

All the details regarding extracurricular activities will be available on our website by September 1st.

We have updated our extracurricular policy that you can find here. It contains all the information about payments, cancellation, registration etc.

Also, on 4th September, don’t miss the Activities Fair during the Picnic Day. Children and parents will have a chance to meet the teachers and discover every activity.


Annual tuition fees for the new school year

Tallinn European School annual tuition fees for the 2018/2019 school year are:

• Nursery: 3 300,00 €

• Primary: 3 860,00 €

• Secondary: 4 725,00 €

In accordance with the Admission Procedure of the Tallinn European School, 25% of the yearly tuition fee will be paid in September. An invoice for this amount will be sent to the parents. The rest of the tuition fee can be paid on monthly basis during the school year according to the invoices sent by the school (if not agreed otherwise).

Please take note that the tuition fee does not include the canteen, the aftercare and the extracurricular activities.


The Daily Schedules for 2018/2019

In Nursery:

• 9:00-16:00

In Primary 1 & 2:

• 9:00-15:05
• Wednesdays: 9:00-14:30
• P1 and P2 have different break times

From Primary 3 to Secondary 7:

• P3-S3: 8:15-15:05
• S4-S7: 8:15-15:55
• Wednesdays: 8:15-14:10
• First break: 20 minutes

Precare & Aftercare (from Nursery to Primary 4):

• Precare: 8:00-9:00 (Nursery and P1/P2)
• Aftercare: everyday until 18:00

Find more detailed information about the daily schedule in each class on our website.


Stationery Supplies list for Primary Pupils

Please download here the list of stationery supplies your child will need for the first day of school, on 6th September (Orientation Day).

Lists for Secondary level classes are provided by the teachers.


Access and parking at Tehnika 18

Our school building is located on Tehnika street, n.18, a few steps away from the Old Town, the Telliskivi district, and the central railway station of Balti jaam. It is easily accessible by car, public transport, train or foot.

The school is especially well-connected by public transport. The bus stop “Kelmiküla”, located in front of the building, hosts 3 trolleybus lines (1, 4 and 5) and 5 bus lines (22, 40, 41/41b, 43 and 59). In addition to these numerous options, many trains coming from all directions serve Balti jaam daily. From there, it is possible to catch bus 43 every 10 minutes and reach the front of the school in 3 minutes (1 stop). Trains, trolleybuses, and buses are all free of charge for Tallinn residents with a registered Smartcard (green card).

More information about the trains
More information about Tallinn public transport system
More information about the Smartcard


When coming by car, please note that for security reasons, it will not be possible to park within the school area. There are several parking options in the surrounding area. It is possible to park along Tehnika street, on Suve and Sügise streets, or on the other side of the railway on Rohu or Saue streets. Parking is free for 15 minutes with a parking clock and totally free on the other side of the railway.

More information about parking in Tallinn


The Police will regulate the traffic on Tehnika street from 4th-6th September.


We are a KiVa School!

Tallinn European School is proud to start the full implementation of the world’s leading antibullying programme – KiVa. KiVa is an evidence-based programme to prevent bullying, tackle bullying cases and minimize the negative effects of bullying.  TES is the 5th European School to join the programme.

After a year of careful preparation during which a KiVa team was formed and trained, implementation procedures were developed, the entire staff was trained, and the starting position was determined by the first survey, we are ready to fully launch the programme.

The KiVa Kick-Off Event for students will take place during the Orientation Day on the 6th September. All secondary parents will be informed and presented with KiVa Parent Handbooks during the General Parents’ Meeting on the same day. P1-S1 parents will be invited to a separate KiVa Parent Training on 13th September at 16:30.

Regular KiVa lessons, assemblies and events will take place throughout the school year. KiVa will be visible through posters and reflective vests worn by all duty supervisors. Through all these actions we are aiming to ensure that TES is a happy and safe learning environment for all.


Mari Peets, Kiva Team


Our new staff members & Management organisation

We have the pleasure to introduce our new staff members! For this exceptional year, they are 20. We hope that you will soon get to know them better.

You can also find them on our website, together with all the staff.

Starting from this school year, we also have a new organisation in the Management Team. The school now has two Deputy Directors:

• Sigrid Melts – Deputy Director for Nursery, Primary and Learning Environment

• Riccardo Larini – Deputy Director for Secondary and Academic Development


Visit our new website!

Most of the information you have been reading in this newsletter, and much more, is accessible on our new website, Clearer and more appealing, it will provide all the information about our school and its activities.

Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback and suggestions by contacting Louis Biasin, Communication Manager:

School calendar / 1st Term


• 4 September: TES Family Picnic, Activity Fair / Official Inauguration of Tehnika 18
• 5 September: TES Autumn Sports Day (10:00-13:00) / "Get to know our Nursery" day (9:30-13:00)
• 6 September: Orientation Day / Meetings for new parents (8:30), Primary (15:15), Secondary parents (17:00)
• 7 September: First day of lessons! At 8:15 for P3-S7, 9:00 for Nursery, P1 and P2
• 13 September: KiVa Parent Meeting for P1-S1 parents (16:30)
• 5 October: Teachers' Day
• 24 October: Class photo shoots
• 27 October - 4 November: Autumn Break

You can find the detailed and updated school calendar on our website.