Aftercare service for the academic year 2017/2018

In addition to providing the curriculum, we also think that it is very important that the children can take part in hobby activities which meet their interests and allow them to engage in extra-curricular activities that help to develop their strengths. Therefore, we have always tried to provide a large variety of extra-curricular activities ranging from sports to learning to play different musical instruments.

On the other hand, we strongly believe that the time spent with the family and the opportunity to relax from the school environment is equally important and valuable from the perspective of a child’s emotional and psychological development. For this reason, we always recommend that the children’s day at school should end by 16:00 the latest and they should not be in school longer than that.

We understand that for working parents it can be difficult to pick their children up straight after the lessons and have therefore created the after-care service which in fact is not an obligation for us, nor is it something that is common in many other countries. Alongside the growth of the number of pupils, the after-care service has become more and more popular. Although the school recognises the need for such service and has tried to accommodate all the children, we are bound to the limitations set by the space of our current school building and cannot continue to offer this service to all.

The abovementioned situation has led to the need for some inevitable changes in the after-care service for the upcoming academic year.

The new arrangements are following:

In Nursery the structure of after-care will remain the same. However, the price for the service will increase to 75€ per month.

In P1-P2 there will be a free-of-charge Afternoon Club starting straight after the lessons and ending at 16:00. During this time the class assistants will be with the children, and the pupils will do their homework, play board games and attend extracurricular activities which will also start right after the end of lessons.

The aftercare of P1-P2, offered during 16:00-18:00, will cost 75€ per month.

For P3 and P4 we will provide Afterschool, taking place at 15:05/14:10-18:00. The cost of the service will be 100€ per month.

Please see annex 1 to get a compact overview.