The school will provide one warm meal per weekday. Nursery pupils will have one main meal and two snack times per day.


  • Breakfast from 8:30 till 10:30
  • Lunch from 11:35-12:35
  • Evening snack from 14.10-15:10
  • Canteen opening times for recess snacks:
    I break     9:45-10:15
    II break  14:10-15:00


  • Breakfast – 1,00 Euro
  • Lunch – 2,90 Euro
  • Evening snack – 1,00 Euro
  • Nursery – 3,60 Euro

In the event of a student’s absence, the parent may request a temporary suspension of the service and that period will subsequently not be invoiced. To remove a pupil from the next days catering list, the student’s parent/guardian must notify the canteen in writing no later than by 17:00 of the previous working day (email address:

Canteen agreement form for Nursery level.
Canteen agreement form for Primary and Secondary.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the canteen (

canteenThe Canteen snack menu has been improved. The selection currently includes fresh salads, sandwiches, wraps, natural juices and also fresh fruit. The students are welcome to come and buy snacks during their longer breaks. The canteen also offers warm porridge, pancakes and cornflakes for breakfast during the first longer break and an afternoon snack towards the end of the school day. For more information about ordering the afternoon snack, please contact the canteen.

The canteen welcomes parents to come and taste the school food. The best time for visiting the canteen is right after the busiest time of the lunch break at about 12.45. The lunch costs €2.70. If you have any praise, suggestions or concerns about the canteen please forward them to your representatives. The canteen committee currently consists of the TES administrative representative, Canteen representatives, teachers’ representatives, parents’ representatives and students’ representatives.