Greetings from the Director

Dear pupils, teachers, and parents,

Coming back to school in January, we found ourselves in a different situation – the playground was slightly smaller, the construction works have started in Keevise street and on top of that the Suur-Sõjamäe street was and still is almost entirely closed. Nevertheless, we will continue to work as efficiently as we can, despite the obstacles: Per aspera ad astra!

A school is above all a learning institution, and the school staff does everything in their power to support pupils’ progression. I would like to thank all the parents, as well as the teachers, who took part in Parent-Teacher Conference. I am confident that both parts – parents and teachers, have received a valuable feedback.

Our Secondary 5 pupil Elisa gained valuable experience as an exchange student in European School of Munich. She was the first of hopefully many to come in the future to use the opportunity of student exchanges between European Schools.

TES Student Council visited Häädemeeste Gymnasium and got useful knowledge what the pupils from other schools are doing; hopefully, they made some friends too.

For the second time, the pupils from P5 and S1 enjoyed the Winter Camp as the rest of the school had fun activities during the Winter Sports day. Curling is a fantastic game to play, isn’t it?

A Big Thank You to all participants!

The Republic of Estonia celebrates its 99th birthday on 24th February. Estonia is one year younger than a century then. At school, we celebrated Estonia’s birthday already on 20th February, and I hope that TES´ family will find a smidgen of time to think about Estonia also on Friday, 24th February.

I leave you the warm invitation from the Estonian President and all the people:

We’d like to invite you to the 100th birthday of the Republic of Estonia, taking place from April 2017 to February 2020.
We dedicate these birthday celebrations to the future, to ventures that will reach the memories of our children and grandchildren but will also give us all a better life today. We think of our people, nature, and communities. We do things on our own, uniquely Estonian way. We are simple but smart; both bold and mysterious.

Estonia – the whole world in a nutshell! 
Auli Udde

New Teachers

TES is growing and changing constantly.
We welcome our newest staff members who joined our team recently.

Sigrid Melts – Deputy Director

I have worked as a teacher and a Deputy Head. I am a professional coach and supervisor for leaders and teachers, and I have lectured socio-emotional aspects of learning in Tallinn University. I am a certified Mindfulness trainer. My views on education are that alongside academic knowledge, it is necessary for students to acquire skills and learn values in every lesson. Communication, creativity, critical thinking and cooperation are the 21st-century skills that a child should learn at school. In TES I am responsible for learning and teaching by supporting teachers´ professional development. I also see that the EB curriculum is implemented.

I am a mother of three children and family is of great value for me. In my free time, I like to be in nature, enjoy cultural events, cook and host guests. I am fond of snowboarding, cross country skiing and yoga.

Jenny Ellif – Language Support teacher

I’m from Texas in the United States.  I taught Family and Consumer Science courses to Secondary students before coming to Estonia.  I am honoured to teach Language Support classes at TES while here.

In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with my family and hosting friends; I like music and love fitness.  I love to be outdoors playing games and being silly. I do CrossFit to stay in shape and to learn new gymnastic skills. I also play the piano and sing for fun.

Gwenole Chateau – French teacher

I come from Brittany, France. I’ve studied French and Breton languages and have been teaching in several Primary schools in France. For four years I have been working with children, as well as teenagers and adults in Poland.

I enjoy travelling, living abroad and learning new languages. Apart from French, Breton, English and Polish, I’ve also started with Estonian lessons, and I have to admit – I love this language. In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, I’m crazy about independent cinema, and I also do some writing on my own.

Nanata Peradze-Hammerin – Primary 3-4 aftercare teacher

I come from Georgia, Tbilisi. I have studied Modern Teaching Technology and hold a bachelor degree in Engineering. Apart from science, I also love reading books and learning new languages – I’m currently learning Swedish.

All my free time I dedicate to my 3-months old puppy called Lollipop.

News from Student Council and Parents’ Council

student-councilStudent Council
In the first meeting of the Student Council the elections were held for this school year. Elected as president was Magnus from S4, vice-president was Marco form S3, secretary was Sofija from S2 and as treasurer, Roman from S2. We also have two canteen committee representatives from the Student Council, Roman and Marco. This year, the Student Council is going to be as prevalent as ever. We have big plans to move the Student Council forward and improve as many things as we possibly can.

We have planned to protect students’ rights and interests, help to organise and improve the school, follow traditions and help improve students’ relationship with others, with teachers and with the school office. We are also helping to organise school events and celebrations. We want to create a sense of community and friendship in our school which has been put on the backburner.

Currently, we are helping to plan and organise the TES 2016 Carnival, we are focusing on student welfare and supporting the charities Igale Lapsele Pere and Toidupank.

We wish everyone a happy and fun autumn break. Hopefully everyone will be rested and ready to get back to work after the holidays.


Of the students, by the students, for the students.

Inspired by Abraham Lincolm

Parents’ Council
It’s a new year and a new start for the Parents’ Council. Here’s a brief overview of their work during the first 2 months of the school year:

  • On the Parents’ Council meeting on 8 September it was agreed that Anna Roberts and Jens Soby will continue to serve on the School Board as parents’ representatives.
  • Parents organised a Teacher’s Day fundraiser. Our precious teachers were spoilt thanks to you all. As a result, 300 euros will go to Igale Lapsele Pere (A Family for Each Child NGO).
  • Another fundraiser, the Potluck Dinner, took place at Richard and Patricia’s house. We had a lot of fun tasting different foods. Many cool prizes were won in a raffle and as a result 200 euros was raised. This money will go to CAPEEA as a membership fee for TES parents’ representation.
  • Parents hereby extend their gratitude to the school psychologist who held lectures for parents about the prevention of bullying and antisocial behaviour. A summary of the lectures can be found below. We hope to see more parents join in next time as the outcome of the lectures was really useful.
  • Parents’ help will be needed to pull off a successful Carnival on 18 November.
    Stay tuned for a call for volunteers after the holiday.

New Teachers

DagnyDagny Aalde – HR Manager

I heard about TES for the first time in February 2015, when I did my internship. It gave me the opportunity to observe all the HR processes in TES for a few months. I remember the first time I stepped into the building I felt warmth and joy, I really loved the atmosphere and it is still the same – I can tell.

I am originally from Rapla (a small town in the middle of Estonia), where I have a lovely country house with nothing but forest around. Kind of a paradise! I love to learn new things, exciting things I am not familiar with. I started coding a few months ago and went for a walk on the edge of the TV tower. I am a keen volunteer, whether it is planting trees or helping out with organizing bigger events and festivals in Estonia. Apart from that I enjoy travelling and reading good books.

GuillaumeGuillaume Raboutot – French Language Teacher

I am 39 years old, I come from France but I live in Estonia with my family. I have been a teacher for 17 years now, and I love it. Language and culture are essential for mutual understanding and respect, and I’m doing my best to share it with others.

I love reading (everything but especially crime stories), running (but not too fast) and I have a passion for theater: to me, teaching is a bit like acting, that’s probably why I enjoy it so much.

Diana Maron Diana Maron – P1 Teacher Assistant, Primary Aftercare Teacher

I joined TES last spring working in the Nursery Aftercare. I am very excited to continue this year as P1 teacher assistant. Originally I am from Tallinn but during the past seven years I was living and working in London, UK. I was a childminder, running a little nursery, as well as a volunteer in the local primary school, tutoring and supporting children in their educational journey. Also I worked in Sunday school with multilingual children and organised after-school activities.

In addition to my first higher education (Veterinary Medicine, University of Life Sciences, Tartu), I completed the Childcare and Education course in South Thames College, London.

I am very happy to become a part of the TES team and be able to make a difference together, providing positive and effective learning environment for our children.

Vera Naydenova Vera Naydenova – Bulgarian Language Teacher

My name is Vera and I come from Lovech, Bulgaria. Growing up, I never thought I would leave this small town but pursuing higher education became my driver in discovering the world. In 2009 I was an Erasmus student in Estonia. Ever since, I have been longing to come back to this magical, fairytale-like land. Just recently I finished my master studies in Social Design – Arts as Urban Innovation at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and became engaged in projects at the intersection of art and urbanism here in Tallinn.

In my years of travelling and living abroad I worked as a freelance translator from English to Bulgarian. What I wished for though was a more creative and interactive channel for my passion for languages. That’s why teaching my mother tongue at TES is both a challenge and an opportunity I pursue with great excitement!

Liivi Ramula – German Language Teacher

For Liivithe past 20 years I have been teaching German at the International School of Estonia. I’m trained in the International Baccalaureate (IB) system at PYP, MYP and DP programs, and I have taught German Language at various levels like ab initio, Language B and Language A1 (literature course). I hold BA in Teaching German from Latvian State University and a MA in German Studies from Fernuniversität in Hagen.

My hobbies include, but are not limited to Yoga, fitness and reading. I am happily mother of three.


Anda Anda Zule-Lapimaa – Latvian Language Teacher

My name is Anda and I will be a new Latvian language teacher. I come from Latvia, Riga but I have been living in Estonia for 16 years now.  I have studied law and pedagogy; I am sworn Latvian language translator, entrepreneur and a mother of four boys. I only do things that I like to do therefore my whole life is one big hobby. My welcoming to Tallinn European School has been the warmest, therefore I am very eager to start my new hobby – teaching Latvian in TES.



Nicolas Jego – French Language and Human Sciences Teacher in Secondary

I come from Marseille in the south of France, I am French, history and geography teacher for the last 10 years and I taught abroad for several years. My last experience was in China. I like all kinds of nature, travelling, food, football and discovering new things.



Rita WeissRita Weiss – Hungarian Language Teacher

Rita Weiss, in my soul Hungarian, in my life very multicultural. I have always been impressed by children, how big is their world and how many new things they can learn in a short time. As a mother of three bilingual growing children, I can`t wait to show my pupils, how great they are in learning languages.



Welcome Back to School!

Welcome Back to School!

Hereby some important information pertaining to the beginning of the school year:

Family Picnic

  • Date and time: 29th of August 14:00-16:00pm
  • Location:  Green area near TES (or Gym, in case the weather is bad)
  • School will provide juice and coffee, but we kindly ask you to bring your own picnic basket with your own favourite foods and a blanket.

Orientation Day

  • Date and time: 30th of August 9.00-14.00

Wednesday, 31st of August – Lessons according to the timetable
School starts at 8:15pm and finishes at 14:10 pm (no aftercare).

After-care will start on 1st of September.

Overview of the work of the TES School Board, Parents’ Council and the PTA

School Board

School boardThe School Board is an advisory body to the management of TES. Its duties and obligations are described in the Statutes and we meet minimum 3 times a year.

The Board consists of the Director of TES Auli Udde, two parent representatives – Anna Roberts and Jens Søby, two teacher representatives – Rachel Heath and Riccardo Larini as well as two representatives from Innove SA – Margus Tõnissaar and Ülar Kohari. TES Office Manager Margit Loikmaa is the secretary of the Board. One pupil representative from older school levels will join the Board once TES has established S6/S7.

On May 11 the TES School Board had its last meeting of this school year. On the agenda were general updates from TES Director Auli Udde, safety and security, approval and review of TES general rules as well as the plan for the next school year. We also got an overview and results of the latest admissions process for new pupils and parents to join TES from the next school year. This ending school year has been busy with the review of TES Statutes, General School Rules, new policies and admission rules.

Parents’ Council

The Parents’ Council would like to share the results of their work during the 2015/2016 school year.
The role of class representatives is set to collect and share new ideas as well as to highlight areas of parents’ concerns in different aspects of school life and to cooperate with the school.

At this time the composition, responsibilities and competencies of the Parents’ Council are set in the Statutes of TES, which are available on the school’s website.

During this school year class representatives have met almost monthly and have made substantial progress in discovering and addressing parents’ concerns and expectations. It is also worth mentioning that TES management has acted on most of them promptly and willingly.

Here are some of the topics initiated and handled by the Parents’ Council this year.

  • Clarified TES liability insurance policy
  • Highlighted dissatisfaction with canteen service and selected parents to canteen committee
  • Improved children safety outside school building
  • Raised awareness of good hygiene during the flue spreading season
  • Set up a working order of the Parents’ Council and communication channel with TES principal
  • Constantly worked on improving various health and safety issues
  • Raised concerns and gave their feedback on the TES website
  • Have organised presents for teachers during festive period
  • Have set up a Secret Santa gifts tradition
  • Clarified concerns regarding standard of education at TES
  • Helped to advertise satisfaction survey and other school activities through parents’ communication channels

So far the goals set for the next year are to establish a smooth operation with PTA and to support TES management in tackling bullying problems. There are certainly more challenges ahead and if any of the parents feel that you would like to contribute your time and energy, we invite you to volunteer to become a class representative. Parents’ Council welcomes you to take this responsibility and help to transform TES into an even better school!

Thank you for all your contributions! We wish you to enjoy a lovely summer and see you all in August!



  • The PTA will be sending Anna Roberts as our parent representative to the Associated European Schools Network Annual Conference in Culham, UK in September. Thank you for your support of PTA events over the year that makes participation like this possible!
  • Many thanks to PTA members who have taken their time to participate in efforts designed to enhance the school community and have made the year enjoyable.
  • Thanks to Patricia Hay, Jana Lehtinen & Ernesta Baublytė for volunteering for playground duties to help the teachers over the past month.
  • Best wishes for the summer to our parents and teachers from the PTA!