Upcoming events

Family Playground Picnic, 30th August 15:00-17:00

All TES parents and pupils are invited to Family Playground Picnic on Wednesday, August 30 at 15:00-17:00. The picnic will be on the school playground. This is the last year we are spending in this building, and all the playground is for us to use at that time. In the event of rain, the picnic will take place in our Gym. Please bring your favourite dish; drinks (water and juice) will be provided by the school.

Informative meeting to new parents, 31th August 9:15-10:00

On August 31, all the new parents are welcomed to a meeting to receive information about the school work. The meeting will take place at 9:15-10:00 at Assembly Hall on the 4th floor.

Orientation Day, 31st August

The first school day is on August 31 with class teachers and subject teachers. All the pupils including Nursery are expected to be at school at 9:00, and leave 13:30. Nursery children go straight to their classes on the 2nd floor. Don’t forget inside shoes!

There is an opportunity to eat lunch.

Sports Day, 1st September

We will start the school year with Sports Day on 1st of September in Snelli Stadium at 10:00-13:00. We expect the parents to provide transport for their children there and back. Also, please pack lunch boxes for your children.

Nursery does not participate in Sports Day and come to school at 9:00. Parents can pick Nursery children up between 12:30-15:00. Breakfast and lunch are provided.

More information will be followed.

Class Parents Meetings

Parents meetings with the class teachers will take place by September 11. More information will follow from the class teachers.

Other important administrative news

  • All the parents entering the school building must sign in at the front desk and lend a Parent Badge. Parent Badge must be visible while in the building.
  • All parents are expected to join eKool and consistently monitor progress and study results of their child on a current basis. Click here for advice to use the portal.
  • TES Parent Council welcomes all the parents who would like to be involved in planning and organising many different events. The first Parent Council meeting is scheduled for September 14.
  • Cloakrooms for P1-P4 are on the 1st floor, cloakrooms for P5-S7 are on the 2nd floor. Don’t forget inside shoes.
  • As this is TES 5 anniversary year, we will provide an opportunity to order T-shirts with our new TES 5 logo. More information about ordering T-shirts will be sent to the parents about the ordering process, sizes and prices.
  • It is possible to order special TES logo items (vests, hats, shirts etc). Please inform the school’s Activity Manager Kaidi (kaidi.ojasoo@est.edu.ee)
  • The tram road construction works will be finished by the new school year, and the new tram road will be open by September 1. The tram number is 4 and the tram stop „Ülemiste linnak“ is in Keevise street near to Lõõtsa 8 building. Check the map.
    Bus line Ülemiste City will stop serving people from September.
  • There will be facade works in TES building at the beginning of school year, but that does not affect the school work.
  • The building next to TES has also some reconstruction works happening.
  • Parking in Ülemiste parking lot is recommended as there is not much space on our parking lot.

Greetings from the Director

Dear pupils, teachers and parents,

It seems like it was just yesterday, when we came back from the February break, just to go on a break again.  This term we celebrated La Semaine de la francophonie, had an Open Doors Day for the new families, the Parents-Back-To School day and the Style Week. For the first time, our S6 pupils had an educational visit linked to the L2 language in the class, to Saarbrücken in Germany. The first step towards the tradition is set and next year’s S6 pupils can count on a L2 school trip.

A big thank you to all the parents, teachers and the Student Council for their initiative and willingness to make TES an interesting and open learning and working environment.

The admission period for the school year 2017-2018 is now over.  There were 60 applications overall, hence two pupils for one place.  We are adding one new primary 4 class as well as a secondary 7.

Tallinn European School hosted the team of two inspectors from the European School system from April 10th-14th. Their main task was to evaluate how has the school prepared for the European Baccalaureate first session which will be in Spring 2018. Oral feedback from the inspectors was fairly good, and they will propose to get accreditation for S6 and S7 classes. The final decision will be made by the Board of Governers by December 2017 the latest.

On 10th April, ten our pupils completed the French DELF exam and five of them made the exam on B2 level (Vantage). The exam results and certificates will be distributed in September by the French Embassy.

This term has been the ‘environment’ term.  Primary pupils had shown their very good learning outcomes and environmental awareness by making different educational projects, such as “Less sugar”; “Recycled crafts” and shoebox dioramas of various ecosystems.

The most important project running in TES now is “Notice the spring”.  I hope that all of you take a bit of time to find the signs of spring and mark them in four different languages, just like the pupils have been doing for the past weeks.

The signs of spring are:

  • I saw fluffy willow catkins. Pajutibud pehmed, hallid, oksal reas on nagu
  • I saw a butterfly fluttering around. Regarde, le papillon citron annonce le printemps !
  • Birch leaves appear from the buds. Koivussa on jo hiirenkorvat.
  • The lawn is green. Muru on roheline.
  • I heard a nightingale sing. Ecoute, le rossignol chante le printemps!
  • First dandelions are flowering. Voikukka kukkii.

Tulge tagasi, kevad südames! (Return with the spring in your hearts!)


Auli Udde

New Teachers

TES is growing and changing constantly.
We welcome our newest staff members who joined our team recently.

Jessica Bloor – Teacher

I have worked as an English language teacher in France and Japan and then as a primary school teacher in England, Nepal and Thailand. I initially studied French at Liverpool University and am now studying for my Masters in Early Years Education with UCL Institute of Education in London.

I enjoy travelling to and working in different countries as well as reading, music and yoga.



Kaidi Ojasoo – Activity Manager

I come from the beautiful island of Hiiumaa. I have studied Arts Therapy in Tallinn University, and after graduating, I worked as a youth worker for three years in Kärdla. I was rewarded with the “Youth Worker of a Year 2014” of Hiiumaa county. Since 2015 I’m qualified camp teacher and leader and I’ve been coordinating international youth projects for several years.

In my spare time, I like to cook, play the guitar, roller skate or travel. I love to take long walks with my dog, and spring is my favourite season. I’m curious about learning new things and discovering new places. I always try to be positive and see the bright side in everything.

Administrative New

  • The school will be closed for Spring Holiday from April 14th –  23rd. School starts again on Monday, April 24th.
  • 1st May is Labour Day (kevadpüha), which means that the school is closed that day.
  • The canteen is participating in “Beautiful Food Picture” champagne with other Estonian schools. So far the winners from our school have been Greta and Tadas. It is possible to follow the posts and updates on Facebook.

Upcoming events:08.05 – Europe Day (starts with morning assembly)
11.05 – Spring Concert (P2-S6) in Salme Kultuurikeskus
15.05 – Spring Concert (N1-P1) in Mainor Hall
15.05 – British Assembly in TES Gym
27.05 – Walkathon Kalev Stadium
05.06 – Italy, Portugal, Sweden and Denmark Assembly in TES GYM
09.06 – International Day in TES
15.06 – Summer Sports Day in Jüri Stadium

• This year, outbreaks of measles have been registered in several European Union countries. According to the assessment by European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) the spread of measles is endemic in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Romania. In 2016 two cases of measles were registered in Estonia. Both of which were brought in from abroad and the infection did not spread to the rest of the population. In the first quarter of 2017, no cases of measles have been registered in Estonia. People who have not had measles or have not been vaccinated against measles are potentially susceptible to measles. You can read more about vaccination and the statistics of measles here.

Aftercare service for the academic year 2017/2018

In addition to providing the curriculum, we also think that it is very important that the children can take part in hobby activities which meet their interests and allow them to engage in extra-curricular activities that help to develop their strengths. Therefore, we have always tried to provide a large variety of extra-curricular activities ranging from sports to learning to play different musical instruments.

On the other hand, we strongly believe that the time spent with the family and the opportunity to relax from the school environment is equally important and valuable from the perspective of a child’s emotional and psychological development. For this reason, we always recommend that the children’s day at school should end by 16:00 the latest and they should not be in school longer than that.

We understand that for working parents it can be difficult to pick their children up straight after the lessons and have therefore created the after-care service which in fact is not an obligation for us, nor is it something that is common in many other countries. Alongside the growth of the number of pupils, the after-care service has become more and more popular. Although the school recognises the need for such service and has tried to accommodate all the children, we are bound to the limitations set by the space of our current school building and cannot continue to offer this service to all.

The abovementioned situation has led to the need for some inevitable changes in the after-care service for the upcoming academic year.

The new arrangements are following:

In Nursery the structure of after-care will remain the same. However, the price for the service will increase to 75€ per month.

In P1-P2 there will be a free-of-charge Afternoon Club starting straight after the lessons and ending at 16:00. During this time the class assistants will be with the children, and the pupils will do their homework, play board games and attend extracurricular activities which will also start right after the end of lessons.

The aftercare of P1-P2, offered during 16:00-18:00, will cost 75€ per month.

For P3 and P4 we will provide Afterschool, taking place at 15:05/14:10-18:00. The cost of the service will be 100€ per month.

Please see annex 1 to get a compact overview.