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Pupil’s Card

All pupils need to be issued with the International Scholar Identity Card (ISIC).

The ISIC card is the only internationally-recognized student ID and ISIC card holders are members of a truly global club. There are over 10 000 student discounts on offer, including 1 500 in Estonia.
Please read more about ISIC cards and find the application form on the Minu Kool webpage.


eKool (e-School) is an information system for storage of study-related information (grades, comments, notifications, homework, tests, subject content of lessons, absences, late arrivals, study reports and forum). ekool is available to users over the Internet and provides formal, study-related information and broad data statistics to the school management.

All parents are expected to join eKool and to consistently monitor the progress and study results of their child on a daily basis.
Please read the Guide to eKool for access rights to join eKool and for advice on how to use the portal.

Should you have any questions, please contact IT support

Lost and Found

All items found on school premises without an owner will be collected and placed in the lost and found cupboard behind the security desk. Marked items are delivered to the children via the school.

Before the holidays, all the items left in lost and found will be donated to charity.
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IF Insurance is the insurance partner of Tallinn European School for the year 2018.

Tallinn European School and IF Insurance have entered into two contracts: the School’s property insurance contract and liability insurance contract:

1. The School’s assets (articles that cost more than 300 euros) are insured against all risks (that includes when children/pupils intentionally or unintentionally damage the School’s property).

2. The children and their property are insured on the terms of liability insurance. Damage that is caused to the children is compensated for but not damage caused by the children.

Liability insurance contract covers all the activities, which the School organises and where the School has guilt and/or responsibility. The insurance covers all events that occur during the day (lessons and breaks) and the evening (aftercare, extra-curricular activities), on the School grounds (playground) or outside of it (educational visits), within the territory of the Republic of Estonia.
When travelling abroad, parents have to get a separate travel insurance for their children.

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Contact person in IF Insurance: Erika Maltis

Official Field Trips

According to the school rules, there are several obligatory official educational visits and field trips.

In P3, an outdoor camp is organised for 2 days.

In S2 a nature camp is organised for 2 or 3 days
In S4 a biology camp is organised for 2 or 3 days.
In S6 a trip abroad, linked to the L2 or L3 language dominant in the class, is organised for 7 days.

Primary and Secondary
In P5 and S1 a Snow Camp is organised for 3 days.
One Winter Sports Day is organised in the year.
One Summer Sports Day is organised in the year.