Target Groups

TES primarily enrols:

  • Children of employees of EU institutions and agencies.
  • Children of foreigners living and working in Estonia if at least one parent works in a foreign diplomatic position and if the child’s mother tongue / dominant language is not Estonian;
  • Children who have studied abroad in the European Schools’ system or International School for at least three years, due to the fact that one of their parents works or worked in a foreign state according to the employer’s written confirmation;
  • Children of foreigners living and working in Estonia, if the mother tongue / dominant language of the child is an official language of the EU other than Estonian;
  • Children of TES employees with a contract of at least 60%, if the mother tongue / dominant language of the child is not Estonian.

Dear parents

Please note that the ranking of the applications is based on our Target Groups (please see above). The school will guarantee a place for the children of employees of EU institutions and agencies. All other pupils can be placed upon availability.

The following documents must be submitted when applying for TES:

  • Copy of the photo page of the parent’s or their legal representative’s passports or ID-cards (showing the date of birth);
  • Passport-size photograph of the child;
  • Copy of the photo page of the child’s passport or ID-card (showing the date of birth) or copy of the child’s birth certificate;
  • If an international student candidate has relocated to Estonia, a document which shows that he/she has a permanent or a valid temporary residence permit or a right of residence, or in the absence of such document, evidence of the legal stay of the student candidate in the Republic of Estonia from a competent authority in a format which can be reproduced in writing;
  • School reports from foreign state educational institutions or official certified copies that include the descriptions of subjects and learning outcomes (not applicable for a child beginning the first Nursery-year) or the first year in school (P1). In case the school reports are not in English or Estonian, official translation to one of the languages has to be provided;
  • A certificate or a copy of the child’s state of health that is issued by his/her healthcare provider;
  • certified copies of documents related to any Special Educational Needs
  • Attestation certificate issued by the employer of the parent or legal representative (this requirement is applicable to children of the employees of the institutions and agencies of the European Union).
  • Filled-in Admission Questionnaire.

The enrolment documents can be submitted through our online-application form

  • You can also arrange an appointment (phone: +372 735 0550, email: info@est.edu.ee) for delivering the documents.