The general structure of school curriculum

Tallinn European School follows the guidelines of the curriculum of the European Schools. Optional subjects are chosen by the pupil according to the choices on offer at the school. The structure of the school curriculum includes a general section and subject syllabuses. The curriculum is the basic document of the studies and it states the study objectives and duration, the conditions for starting the studies, the list of subjects and their scope, the syllabuses, the options and conditions for selecting subjects and the requirements for completion of school years and for graduation.

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  • In the current school year, 2017/2018, Tallinn European School offers the following language section:
    • English language section(N1-S7)
    • French language section (Nursery 1-Primary 5). More info (in French)
    • Instructions are generally given in the language of the respective section. The second language chosen (L2), becomes the language of instruction for Human Sciences (starting from S3), History (from S4), Geography (from S4) and, if chosen, Economics (from S4).
  • If a respective language section exists, pupils will be enrolled in the language section that corresponds to their mother tongue (or a language stronger than their mother tongue).
  • SWALS Students Without A Language Section. SWALS are those pupils whose mother tongue/dominant language is an official language of an EU Member State but for whom no language section in their mother tongue/dominant language (L1) exists in school. At TES SWALS are enrolled in the English section. Very often the language of the section is the pupil’s L2 while the pupil’s mother tongue is the pupil’s L1.
  • If necessary, Tallinn European School may consider, in cooperation with parents, arranging intensive courses (SWALS) or providing other learning support for diminishing a pupil’s lag in a language.

Mother Tongue Programme

  • Tallinn European School provides mother tongue teaching (so-called Mother Tongue Programme; see image below) for SWALS if at Nursery and Primary level or at Secondary level it is requested at least for 5 (five) children of the employees of the institutions and agencies of the European Union (applies to the official languages of the EU).

Study of languages

  • We provide lessons in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Finnish and Estonian.
  • First language (L1)– at Primary 1 (P1), at the latest. The pupil must choose his/her mother tongue as L1. In case there is no respective mother tongue learning possibility at Tallinn European School, the pupil’s L1 is his/her language of instruction of his/her language section.
  • Second language (L2)– at Primary 1 (P1), at the latest. L2 must be French, German or English.
  • Third language (L3)– at Secondary 1 (S1).

Additionally, Estonian studies are compulsory at Nursery and Primary level (min 1 lesson in a week) and optional subjects Latin (from S3) and Old Greek (from S4) can be chosen. Language years are offered as electives only in case the particular language is requested by at least five pupils. In case of Estonian, the number of requests is not considered.

It is important that L2 is different from L1 and also L3 must differ from L1 and L2.